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Getting Started

REST API and Web-hooks

We are working on creating flexible API for our customers to allow integration with various third party software packages like CRMs, Ticketing systems, etc..
This will allow third party applications to query our PBX and Billing systems for various type of information. At the same time Web-hooks will allow you to configure your PBX to send call event notifications to third party applications. This will allow you to integrate with almost any CRM on the market and enable features like caller contact details pop up, click to call and whole lot more of cutting edge features.

Phone auto provisioning

No more complex phone configurations. You can now simply enter Yealink phone MAC address in the PBX graphical web portal and phone will be able to pickup all required configuration fully automatically from our servers. This significantly simply management of end user devices for your company IT administrators and for yourself as end user.

Porting of numbers from other countries

We support number porting in most countries we offer inbound numbers from. Porting process, time-frames and charges vary significantly and depend on the country/carrier. For more information on porting from other countries please contact our sales department.

 Inbuilt video guidelines

 Inbuilt video guidelines allow end users and support personnel to learn the system in no time without any additionally required certification.

Pricing model

Pricing model that allows you to compete with the most popular offerings from other providers, while maintaining higher margins.

channel partners

API that allows full automation of licensing fees to your end users and channel partners.

What’s New

Voice menu

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu provides callers with a greeting and number of interactive options which allows them to be directed to the appropriate department, person or information (e.g. press 1 for sales, 2 for support…).


If you are unable to pickup a call immediately the call can be placed in a queue with your customised music on hold. Caller can be prompted to press 1 to leave a message during the wait


You can now organise conference calls with unlimited number of participants along with regular conference calls. You could either provide them with special virtual number to dial, or simply dial their numbers from your VoIP phone and then transfer the call to ‘virtual conference room’.

SIP trunk

Allows integration of our system with third party suppliers or with your IP PBX. You can connect your onsite PBX to us, in order to make/receive calls at low rates or integrate it with Hosted PBX. You can also connect our system to any other VoIP Provider to route inbound calls on the numbers you’ve got with those providers.

Custom caller ID

You can select what caller ID to show when making outbound calls for any user in the system. Any callerID can be used, as long as we can verify the ownership of such callerID.

Music on hold

Have your clients listen to music when they are put on hold or even a promotional recording. This is a great way to promote your business even when you have someone on hold.


Use BLF (Busy lamp feed) buttons on your phone to see who is available and who is on the phone. It will also show when their phone is ringing.

Call transfer

Easily transfer calls using either short extension numbers or full telephone numbers. Calls can also be transferred externally to any other telephone number.

Assign Plans

Ability to assign unique call plan to each user.

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Phone Number

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Add security to your voice calls by using SRTP within the VoIPLine network. By enabling this feature you can allow for 2 way security that will prevent intruders listening to your important calls.

User performance reports

See who answers or makes the most calls, call duration, missed calls and more.

Inbound number

You can order phone numbers including geographical and Toll Free from over 50 countries. New number activation is instant. You can also port your existing number to us.