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  • Signup with one of our whitelabel partners and refer its services to other businesses.
  • Win-win for you and your referee.
  • No special skills required.
  • Send referral invitations via simple web portal with automatic email templates.
  • Leave all the support and technical work to the whitelabel reseller.

Microsoft Teams Integration with our business grade hosted pbx solution
Microsoft Teams is a great tool for cooperating with your team. If you also require an efficient way to communicate with the outside world, place or receive business phone calls, create voice menus, call queues, record calls, get detailed statistical reports and more, look no further than Microsoft Teams direct routing integration with our bespoke PBX solution.

Use all the unified communication functions of Microsoft Teams such as: video calling, screen sharing, group chat, instant messaging, document collaboration and file transfer, as your main business communication tool. Whilst utilising advanced call reporting, queue statistics, user information and live call wallboards.

  • Credit card & paypal fraud prevention tools
  • Prepaid and postpaid customer accounts
  • Automated overdue invoice management tools
  • Automated fair use policy enforcement
  • Management of security deposits
  • Automatic payments and account top ups via credit cards & Paypal
  • Administrators access control (limit access to some parts of the system)
  • Automatic invoicing and customer reporting
  • Automatic GST/VAT control
  • Email campaign management
  • Statistical call reports
  • Complex call rates management with various rules, call packages for both outbound and inbound rate engines
  • Number porting system to automate porting process
  • Customizable recurring charges (per month, per year, number of days etc)
  • Phone numbers management and automated provisioning/control
  • Caller IDs control
  • Equipment/stock control
  • Automated customer signup system and customer billing portal
  • Customizable email templates

Our pricing structure is based on the number of people using the system. User License allows you to create ‘user object’ in the call flow. User object can then be linked to one or more SIP Devices and to selected call plan.

This allows user to have multiple devices like desk phone, smartphone, PC all linked to same object in the call flow and same call plan, making it easy for other people to reach you.

As a user of the system you can have multiple devices linked to your user object. Those could be desk IP phone, smartphone, PC, or a few desk IP phones located in different places (e.g. In the office, at home)

Each device requires device license in our system and allows flexibility of having one user object with one call plan linked to all those devices.

Device licenses

We offer various call plans. From basic timed call plan to fully unlimited. Call plan allows user to make outbound calls at the rates defined in the plan. You can choose different call plans for different users in the system.

Call plans