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The webtechnicom system

Payments infrastructure for the internet 
Millions of businesses of all sizes—from startups
to large enterprises—
use Stripe’s software and APIs to accept payments,
send payouts, and manage their businesses online.


Best of the 2023 voip white label platform for reseller

How to Had a Customer Portal
you must write the website that you want to dedicate the account
to the api key acces settings in the dashboard like you can see in the picture, so that the address can direct your customers to
your account connected to your website and your IP address
dedicate. The reseller domain (www.mydomain.com), so that your
customer portal is dedicated to your site and your own domain,
fill in the boxes and install your customer portal that you forward from a sign in register button with the address https://my.didww.com/api#/users/sign_in

Best of the 2023 voip white label platform for reseller

How to create your own brand sip domain
It’s time to make a move and build a recurring revenue stream with your own, whitelabel services.
to configure your server sip address, in the DNS zone enter the address A record sip.yourdomain.com pointed to the IP address (
and an other A record with the same domain name pointed to the IP adresse (
then done a UDP SRV record with the address sip.yourdomain.com which points to the domain (sip.webtechnicom.net) with the port 5060.
You can now order some phone numbers from the software DIDWW, TELNYX, and TWILIO and use your domain names with these phone numbers.
Also they are advised not to touch the setting and wait for the end of the propagations which can last up to a week.
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What’s included
End-to-end billing software
Focus on your product and customer experience and let Stripe optimize and automate order flows, billing logic, subscription management, invoicing, payments, revenue recovery, and more.
Learn more about these Billing features
Order acceptance
From the Dashboard
Checkout and Elements
Billing API
Mobile SDKs
Salesforce integration
Subscriptions and invoices
One-off billing
Recurring billing
Flexible billing
Invoice delivery
Hosted invoice pages
Automatic tax collection
Payments and dunning
Credit cards
Bank transfers and wire
Local payments
Smart retry logic
Card updater
Payment reminder emails
Accounting and reporting
Business analytics
Standard reports
Custom reporting
Revenue recognition
NetSuite integration
Accounting integrations
Third-party integrations
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