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Sell your own service

For years you’ve been selling, installing, and supporting traditional premise-based phone systems. It’s time to make a move and build a recurring revenue stream with your own branded, whitelabel services.

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  • Attention read carefully
  • In accordance with the law on the monitoring of correspondence by post and telecommunications (LSPCT; RS 780.1) and its implementing orders, telecommunications service providers (TSPs) are required to carry out all monitoring and provide all information concerning the services they offer (art. 32 LSCPT, art. 18 and 50 OSCPT). To this end, 5, paragraph 1, OME-scpt obliges all TSPs to designate a service responsible for monitoring and providing information.
  • However, the company webtechnicom informs its customers that as per art.51 OSPT relating to its request of 9.01.2019 to be considered as a telecommunications supplier (TSP) with restricted obligations in terms of monitoring (RS 780.11)webtechnicom is therefore qualified as a TSP with limited monitoring obligations, it is not required to actively ensure availability to be monitored.
  • Therefore the company webtechnicom ensures secure and unmonitored communications in order to be able to take advantage of this authorization and not be accused of abuse please proceed according to the terms of payment for the hosting service of your dedicated IP, checks are regularly carried out the offender will be punished for fraud and will be forced to pay damages and interest

  • Ditch vendor management
    and become the vendor
  • Why install and support a system you can’t fully control at low margins? When you partner with webtechnicom as your trusted white label VoIP provider, you own the entire customer experience at 70% margins or higher.
  • You can quickly become a VoIP reseller solutions provider. Quote, invoice, install, and support a VoIP offering in minutes without any technical resources.

 Built for partners

  • Your customers depend on you for everything
    IT-related. As phone solutions have transitioned to IP and the cloud, it’s only natural for most MSPs to begin offering and supporting VoIP-based systems and services.
  • Take control of the situation and offer customers your own VoIP solutions. Gain control of the platform webtechnicom with a team built to support you.
  • With white label VoIP solutions webtechnicom , you can sell your own branded voip service like Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking. Everything from service creation, feature management, and service support is in your control.


you must write the website that you want to dedicate the account
to the api key acces settings in the dashboard like you can see in the picture so that the address can direct your customers to
your account connected to your website and your IP address
dedicate the reseller domain (www.mydomain.com) so that your
customer portal is dedicated to your site and your own domain
fill in the boxes and install your customer portal that you forward from a sign in register button with the address https://account.webtechnicom.net   


    • How to create your own brand sip domain 

  • It’s time to make a move and build a recurring revenue stream with your own, whitelabel services.
  • to configure your server sip address, in the DNS zone enter the address A record sip.yourdomain.com pointed to the IP address (
  • and an other A record with the same domain name pointed to the IP adresse (
  • then done a UDP SRV record with the address sip.yourdomain.com which points to the domain (sip.webtechnicom.net) with the port 5060.
  • You can now order some phone numbers from the software DIDWW, TELNYX, and TWILIO and use your domain names with these phone numbers.
  • Also they are advised not to touch the setting and wait for the end of the propagations which can last up to a week.

Benefits of white label
VoIP from webtechnicom:

  • Collect the full revenue instead of waiting for small commissions
  • Deliver services in minutes not weeks
  • Work directly with our knowledgeable webtechnicom team for troubleshooting and support
  • Enhance existing offerings with robust VoIP services like Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking
  • Keep out competitive providers

With Hosted Call Center
from webtechnicom you get:

  • Geo-redundant multi-tenant network with 99.99% uptime
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Competitive feature set
  • Flexible, integrated billing system
  • Supervisor and agent management
  • Flexible, integrated billing system
  • On-demand statistics and reporting
  • Easy web-based configurations
  • Mobile phone apps
  • Web-based operator consoles
  • Built-in web phone and WebRTC
  • CRM integrations
  • Robust API for custom development
  • Point-and-click remote device provisioning

Proactively manage ‘At Risk’ customers

Quickly see customer health with powerful alert rules that automatically identify which accounts require attention. When did your customer last log on? How active is each user? Any open tickets?  Are they behind on a payment? Instantly discover where your customers require attention. 

Support at-risk accounts before they churn and always be prepared with everything you need to know about your customer’s health.

Transform firefighting into delight

Underlying customer issues can fester for weeks, which is often too late. Reorient teams as time-killer firefighters to champions of customer delight with more alerts, workflows, and knowledge.

Move from reactive support to anticipating customer needs by capturing massive amounts of account data without compromising performance.

Effortlessly grow customer value

Easily manage key milestones in the customer lifecycle that impact your bottom line, such as churn, renewal, and expansion trends. Quickly understand the effectiveness of customer support programs in order to grow account usage and revenue.  

Automate recurring account processes like onboarding, check-ins, and business reviews that prioritize and grow customer value.

Help leaders discover actionable customer trends

Arm customer support leaders with key account trends that are critical to business performance such as product adoption, support effectiveness, and financial health. 

Quickly understand where customers stand in meeting their goals and optimize support coverage in order to deliver customer delight!